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What is Mathtweets?

Mathtweets is a mathematical learning and education program, aimed at children from ages 5 to 12. It has been designed to arm parents with a scientifically developed, ready-made program to aid their children, and to support teachers and schools to enhance and fortify homework activities.

Mathtweets is a 40-week math learning program, spread over one year.  Every weekly module has 1 TutorSheet. It holds a clear and explanatory presentation of a math concept.  The 5 WorkSheets: 1 for each workday, contain engaging problems based on the concept from the TutorSheet.

How Mathtweets Works

Online registration for ease, a physical on-paper solving model, a graded simple-to-complex approach all work together towards creating a daily math practice. These are the basis of the entire Mathtweets effort!

Register Online for the Mathtweets Program and choose a Level for your child Receive one Mathtweets Module every week, through email or by post Help your child learn from the TutorSheet and solve one single WorkSheet everyday
Enjoyable, encouraging and enhanced learning of math!


The Mathtweets Worksheet

The WorkSheet and TutorSheet are at the core of the learning that Mathtweets provides. Our aim with these sheets is to provide an interesting, simplified, visually appealing format for the child to work on and enjoy with examples that are from the child’s environment.

Download Free Samples
The WorkSheets have problems that children can relate with on a practical level.
  download free samples
Stress on ability to solve – either independently or with help -not on how many or how fast.
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Optimum number of problems -enough to understand the concept, but not too many to bore.
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Visuals and stories that make the concept interesting and keep the child engaged with the content.
  download free samples
Worksheets that are day by day increasing in complexity from Monday to Friday.


Facts about Mathtweets & Math Education

Mathtweets applies proven methods that aid math learning and have clear advantages in the child’s present and future growth.

Mathtweets Worksheets reinforce concepts through a daily math practice, which is not long or boring.
Graded exercises which increase gradually in complexity result in the most flexible feel of the concepts.
Pencil-to-paper solving creates the best neurological connections for the retention of math applications.
Once clearly understood, mathematical principles have unlimited applications that last a lifetime.


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