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The reason why mathtweets was born...

The idea of mathtweets took birth from a larger idea of redoing/ simplifying the primary curriculum for children.

When I used to help my daughter with her school studies at home – I used to simplify the stuff that was dealt with in the textbooks. The textbooks her school used were the new-age textbooks which had workbooks and even teaches’ guidelines.

But again it was the same old syllabus in a new form.The text books were preachy, coming heavily down upon the children, leaving no scope for them to think on their own.

The math sums were far removed from reality, For instance sums like a man had 350 monkeys as pets, a guy promised to pay 15 times the fee amount if he was happy with the carpenter’s work and such ridiculously unreal sums were mindlessly posed to children.

And in social sciences, the chapter on waste management dealt with it as though it was no problem at all to the people and as if incinerators were a boon to humankind as they magically solved the problem of waste.

There was no point in just simplifying the existing textbooks. A completely new syllabus keeping in mind the educational needs of the children in this dynamic age had to be structured.

It was also not enough to just write a textbook – The complete system required overhauling. The curriculum had to be drawn, textbooks, teachers guidelines, evaluation frameworks for teachers, lesson plans and a complete homework schedule had to be created.

The task of making such a big change was daunting. But making one small change in one subject was not. Hence this design which would help the children to learn things at home without expecting teachers, schools or parents to make big changes.

It is with this idea that www.mathtweets.com was born. 


Created By 2014-05-23 11:12:20 Posted By Sujoy Goswami Comment Link
I like the idea of Mathtweets and your programmes. It is really helpful.

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